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90 Z71 454 swap


So I'm in the middle of installing a 6 inch skyjacker on my 90 SC/SB dd. I'm having a few issues since the kit is NOS that a friend purchased 10 years ago for a different truck. My biggest concern is weather or no I should bolt the upper A arm brackets to the frame like the directions say or burn them in since all the adjustment is done between A arm to bracket not bracket to frame. Any opinions wlwould be helpful and if this gets any interest I will post pictures.


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So after bugging a friend for 3 years, I finally bought his 93 step side. It's a roller with all new sheet metal, a 4l60e/241c and stock everything. The motor was blown when he got it, and when he finally sold it to me, I scrapped 1 1/2 trucks to pay for it. $600 bucks and it was in my yard. Well he called me up and said, oh by the way, the truck comes with nos skyjacker 6 inch I picked up years ago and I have a 91 350 tbi motor if you want it. So what I should have done was drop the motor...

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