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91 K5 -Procrastination Build - Daily Driver update

  • 1st I'd like to say I'm king of procrastonation and this has been too long coming (about 3 yrs). :doah: I finally finished my rolling chassis enough to put the body on it so Slamchops helped me get it done last Sat. I had beem dreading this part so hopefully, now that the worst is over things will move a little faster now.

    Final assembly specs :

    *454 carb'd, steel crank, 9.4 comp, 7/16 rods, roller cam, 781 heads, Sanderson shorty headers & single exhaust
    *4spd w/ ORD 32 spline conversion, hydro clutch
    *ORD Doubler twin sticked w/ 1410's
    *Jana76 (D60 w/ 70 gears) w/ Power Lock, 5.86's, 35 spline outers, Spicer locking hubs
    *D70HD w/ spool, 5.86's, narrowed to srw width, disc brakes using front D60 rotors & calipers
    *Front lift: 2.5" lift 52" springs
    *Rear Lift: stock 56's, Zero Rates, ORD 2.5" shackle flip
    *Weld D7 16.5x12 wheels & wheels w/ 43" SX's
    *8k Warn winch in Diy4x bumper center / Diy4x rear bumper
    *Full roll cage

    Anyway I'm bored at work so here are some pics -





    :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    The next step will be to clean / install the tank and finish the fuel & brake plumbing.