91 Suburban, Family truck build.

  • So, with a new baby on the way I've had to do some thinking.
    Between my Lady and I, our kid count is going to be 4, plus us, and a dog.....

    Unfortunately my K5 is just to small, even with benches front and rear.
    Coupled with the fact that I don't have air conditioning and it's fixing to get hot here in Alabama pretty soon.

    So I've been looking for a Suburban, my buddy showed me one on Facebook marketplace that was what I was looking for, a no engine, stock suburban...
    I kept an eye on it, even put the stupid app on my phone to watch it. Well he dropped the price down to 1k and I decided to look at it.

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    It's pretty much what I wanted, obviously.

    It's a 1991 GMC Sub, it had a tbi 350, 700r4, and ten bolts.

    Lots of surface rust, but I haven't seen any bubbles, just one through spot in the inner fender under the battery tray.

    The plan is to swap in the new engine I put in my K5 a couple months ago, and put the tbi on it.

    Leave the slushbox, my lady can drive manual, but I think if she had to in traffic it would lead to an accident..

    Put my suspension and axles in, move the front axle forward to not have to trim as much off the fender,
    63/4's in the rear with a shackle flip.

    My bumpers from the K5, front and rear.
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