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91 V1500 Suburban ALASKAN EXPO RIG


I guess I dont have a Build thread for this thing yet so hear goes.

I bought this truck from a dealers lot with a "Bad engine" for 1000.00 it had a set of 33" BFG all terrains in the back when I picked it up which I sold that night on Craigslist for 600.00

The truck sat for about a year with out having anything done to it, then one day I grabbed some batteries from Wal-mart and tossed them in and gave it a try Starter was ****ed bendix was trashed!!

I left for New Mexico that night and while I was there I grabbed a spare 6.5 starter I had down there and brought it back with me in my carry on bag :eek1:

Pulled the truck into my buddys shop and and pulled the old starter out in pieces ( of course there was no starter brace :doah:) some one had broke the stock bolts from not installing the starter brace and had drilled out and tapped the block for larger bolts ,and in turn drilled out the starter nose cone to clear the larger bolts. ( which the bendix hung up on and destroyed the bendix and part of the flexplate )

So I drilled out my new nose cone to accept the larger bolts and then chucked up the bolts in the lathe and turned down the shanks to clear the bendix :woot::woot:

Bolted on the starter ( with the brace ) and fired it up!!! ran like a sewing machine!!!!! Topped of the fluids and ripped off the running boards and drove it home



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