92 Dodge tow rig build

  • I bought a 92 Dodge club cab with 186k, 4.10s, 5 spd and a flip over gooseneck hitch for 2500.00 tonight. The plans are to clean it up real good and use it for my new work truck and tow rig.
    The build part will consist of a switch to manual windows and rubber floor mats, also gonna go with a gm hydro boost conversion for better breaks and a 14 bolt with factory disc brakes/parking brake. Probably gonna hop it up a little but not much. Thinking about swapping the nv4500 out of my k5 and putting the Getrag in the k5 but that will depend on the difference in lengths since I have already bought new drive shafts for the k5. Eventually a new paint job and some light body work to.