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93 k1500 Z71 (slow build)


So after bugging a friend for 3 years, I finally bought his 93 step side. It's a roller with all new sheet metal, a 4l60e/241c and stock everything. The motor was blown when he got it, and when he finally sold it to me, I scrapped 1 1/2 trucks to pay for it. $600 bucks and it was in my yard. Well he called me up and said, oh by the way, the truck comes with nos skyjacker 6 inch I picked up years ago and I have a 91 350 tbi motor if you want it. So what I should have done was drop the motor in it and slap the lift on and call it a day. Unfortunately, I had a ford 205 and the adapter from advance adapters along with a 700R4 that I decided had to go in the truck. The motor he had turned out to be junk, as did my 76 sbc 400, so for now I am simply collecting parts and slowly working my way into this build. I have since stolen the new head lights for my wife's 99 suburban, and the new tail lights for my 90 K1500 dd. Next big step on the truck will either be picking up a k2500 light duty for the 14bsf and the heavier center section and hubs, or rebuilding my 205 with a new set of shift rails when they come in on the 18th. I will try to add some pics of the truck, lift, tires that I want to run for now etc.


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So I'm in the middle of installing a 6 inch skyjacker on my 90 SC/SB dd. I'm having a few issues since the kit is NOS that a friend purchased 10 years ago for a different truck. My biggest concern is weather or no I should bolt the upper A arm brackets to the frame like the directions say or burn them in since all the adjustment is done between A arm to bracket not bracket to frame. Any opinions wlwould be helpful and if this gets any interest I will post pictures.

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