'94 Dodge service truck DD/Tow rig build

  • So I've been telling myself I need to start a build thread on my k10 and catch up on the last couple years but I haven't had the time to do it yet. So for this build I'll start one right off the bat and try to keep it as updated as possible.
    With the help of a friend I scored this '94 regular cab long bed (with service box) 2500 dodge with a 12v cummins, 5 speed and it's even a 4x4 for only $2,200! Heck it even has a set of new Toyo tires on it!

    So the plan is to fix the sheetmetal, get it painted one color and fix a couple odds and ends that it needs then start the real work. I'm ditching the rack but planning on keeping the service bed for now, it's pretty solid and has a ton of storage. It runs and drives 10000x better than it looks and tracks down the highway straight as an arrow at 70+mph. Oh, and it only has 184,000 miles on it.

    So tomorrow the plan is fix the fuel shut off solenoid (which I actually think is the blue power wire feeding it) so you can shut it off with the key. Cut the muffler off, change the trailer harness over to a 7 way rv style so it matches my trailer and install my Prodigy P3 brake controller.
    OH! and as if that wasn't enough goodness for $2,200 I was cleaning out the interior and my dad joked and said shoot, fire up the AC it's getting hot. Well sure as heck, the freaking AC blows ice cold still. :eek1:

    Here's the only picture I have of it. It's the worst side, the other side is clean.... well cleanish. :laugh: