97 sas'sy Sierra build: Cali-lean.....we rollin

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    my 83 k20 that initially started out as a budget build, not so much anymore. figured id post up some pics/specs. this is my first 4x4 build i started when i was 17, currently im 22 and have learned a ton and am always learning.

    started out with a bone stock k20 that i picked up for $800 that was rusted out 6 ways from sunday. specs were as follows:
    built 350 with around 350 horse, motor had maybe 10k when i bought the truck.
    sm465/np208./ 10 blt front/ 14blt s.f with 3.73 gears and both open.

    after my cheap body swap, cab recieved new rockers, inner rockers, cab supports, corners etc. put a set of used fenders, doors, hood, box. than i put on some 33x13.50x16 tsl ltb on 16x10 eagle 186 rims

    took the truck out for the first time, realized a winch and proper tow straps were going to be next.

    around the same time i put a warn 8274 and homebuilt bumper up front, painted it green, splurged on a 4 inch pro comp lift with blocks out back, a set of pro comp brake lines as well. put a 670 street avenger on it as well and a cheap mr gasket dressup kit.