a build of a different variety - SOLD

  • Well my daily beater '95 S10 **** the bed a few months ago and has been sitting since. My sister bought a new car so she gave me her old one so I could stay mobile. Well now with tax return cash in hand I "might as well" make something out of this S10.

    I had been researching how to swap in a V8 since I bought the truck 3 years ago. Well I pulled the trigger and now I have accumulated some parts.

    -GM Goodwrench crate engine used with only 10k miles on it and accessories $700
    -Camaro T5 transmission, radiator, new clutch, starter $500
    -Headers, and other various exhaust parts $95
    -2 new tires $120
    -Electric fan out of a 90s Thunderbird $20
    -motor mounts $73.95
    -Summit racing randoms $167

    Total: $1676

    With some customizing and other inginuity I don't see the budget grand total exceeding $2000

    Here's how the truck started as a 1995 Chevy S10 2.2L 5speed reg cab short bed with 213K miles:



    The plan is to make this truck able to get out of its own way. This thing should be real fun when I'm done. I have more pictures but forgot the camera, so more to come!