Aaron’s 1987 Blazer Build

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  • Little background story. I bought a 1990 K5 for my first vehicle and built it from the ground up. Lt1 our of a 90s corvette, 3/4 ton axles, 37x12.50 MTRs and I loved it. A few years later I sold it and have regretted it since. I bought a 84 blazer that was already lifted but just didn’t have the interest I did in my first one since I didn’t build it. Only kept it about a year and sold it too. Fast forward about 5 years and I got the itch for another one. After a lot of searching and realizing these things are a lot more sought after now than they were 5 years ago and I found one. Bone stock old fleet vehicle with what I consider not too much rust. Some small parts on the exterior and then the rockers and front floor pans need replaced. I don’t really off road much I just love these old trucks. So plans for this one is a complete on frame restoration. Gonna get the rust repaired and new paint, then just have a small oil leak from the rear main seal. Other than that it’s just minor stuff like the wiper motor and interior work. I’m excited to get back in a blazer and can’t wait til it’s finally done!

    This was my first vehicle. Built it from stock. Should’ve never let it go.

    And here’s the new project 7457FDD2-EAA2-4384-B291-5C94E239FC42.jpeg 680A767A-1F99-49B4-B5F2-A1C340AA80FF.jpeg 9F2CFD6F-7086-4374-A198-B05FCFC72527.jpeg 90C157EE-EB27-4B98-8025-FA737D5B8ABB.jpeg 93C9B760-7374-4604-BADA-A171EF82B77F.jpeg 3283BB62-6F8B-4315-9302-24FB3D5263AC.jpeg 5ABA2820-BAEF-4B06-B1D7-CA66F48589A5.jpeg
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    K5 Blazer

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