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  • I finally upgraded to a premium account, so I guess it’s time to start a build thread. Strap in, I’m going to bring you up to speed.

    I picked up an 88 Suburban this December. I’ve always liked Squares, but never really considered searching for one. I ran across this one on expedition portal and it had a lot of things I liked(I’ll detail the mods later), and seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted even though I was just window shopping. I was looking for something reliable and cheap to work on that could get my girls, dog, and camping gear/mountain bikes into the woods. I exchanged at least 40 emails with the guy and got a pretty good feeling from the owner. He was a lot more negotiable than I expected, and I ended up owning it.

    On to the truck…..a 1988 Sierra Classic 2500 with 18K on the odometer. I’d lean toward it only rolling over once. I flew out to Albuquerque, dipped into CO for some boarding, and then drove it home. 85-90mph a lot of the way across TX, OK, and AR and turned in right at a calculated 12mpg across the 1500 mile trip. The low mileage 6.0 LQ4 and 4L80E made the trip bearable.

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    2500 Sierra Deluxe
    6.0 LQ4
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