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Alaskan family wheeler


I found this truck on CL in Seattle with 87,879 miles on it tbi 350 Dana 60 14 bolt 456. (It was a forest service truck it has no rust) When I talk to the guy he said he put in a nv4500 and he was going to put a Cummins in it. That was what I wanted to do. I had a buddy go look at it he said it was a nice truck so I bought it with out doing my research on the low first gear Chevy 1994 nv4500. In shipment to me. I stared to do my research come to find out it can be done but it's not as easy as 96 and up. I called around and no one sells a kit to convert it. The problem is I live on a island with very little resources for this kind of stuff ( the only thing I can find are Dana 60's) Is there a place I can ship it to so they can covert it? I found a place that can build me a nv4500 that comes with Dodge input 13/8 shaft Chevy output bell housing flywheel 550 hp rated clutch for 3800. or do I sell the Cummins and put in a gas motor? And keep the trans I have but then I get back to the problem no junk yards to go find a 8.1 or a ls to swap I scored the Cummins for free the guy moved off the island but the trans was blown up. The truck will see lots of road lot of snow and mud some rocks it will be driven in a wide range of temps lowes to -20. So far the build list is 8 inch front springs crossover steering psc ported steering box ORD frame plates and brace High angle 1410 front shaft move front bumper rear has ORD shackle flip 4 inch blocks for now grizzly locker 42x14.5x17 MTR'S 40 gal suburban fuel tank mounted behind the rear axle need to make a skid plate.



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