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Offroad Black Beauty '79 Daily Driver

Build a reliable daily driver out of this clean 1979 K5 Cheyenne


IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0047.jpg IMG_0040.jpg IMG_0144.jpg IMG_0145.jpg IMG_0146.jpg IMG_0147.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0151.jpg IMG_0152.jpg IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0155.jpg Picked up a cosmetically clean west coast 1979 K5. It's my second. A new family prompted my first blazer's departure. Now that my little one is older (and my ex took the family truckster, a '15 Dodge Durango, the only new vehicle I've ever purchased), I am back to my unreasonable ways. After fate drove me back to the K5, I went looking for a "new" ride. I found a clean, west coast Blazer and brought her (Black Beauty) back home to VA. Although functioning, at least when I got her, she's as old as I am, and things start to break. I have a farm truck, and a trail rig to beat on, so the Blazer is meant to be a classic, head turning, daily driver. Originally, I expected to show her some love, upgrading and improving things over time, but now she sits motionless in my driveway, a hunk of beautiful metal. The NP205 is non-functioning, delivering power in LO-Loc only, and exclusively to the front, the rear shaft gets nothing. The rear brakes have gone, all fluid going... I don't know where. AND apparently a previous owner had drilled out the drain plug in the rear diff, and did so off center. So my daily driver has quickly become a project, a project that needs to be completed sooner rather than later. I intend to do a lot of this work myself, unfortunately I am not a mechanic, have never really done much more than general service type work to my vehicles, and usually find my self confident enough in my mechanical abilities to get myself into trouble. I want to turn this Blazer into (as much as can be reasonably expected of a 40 year old) a safe, reliable, powerful, head turning, Blazer capable of anything and everything it was expected to handle, and perhaps a fraction more.


K5 Blazer
Trim Level
1987 or later 5.9 350 TBI, 43k mi
Transfer Case
10 bolt front and rear

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