Burban tow build possibly 84 avalanche

  • Going to be getting this good ole suburban back on the road. Cool short story behind this truck (350,700r4np208), was I got it for 1500$ and drove it from flagstaff az to Spokane Washington. And haul back a snow mobile,2 utility quads,2 kids quads (80cc) and a bunch of random boxes packed and stacked top to bottom and front all the way to back of drivers seat. It even caught on fire on the way back, half way home. It was from the auto hubs not unlocking and spinning the front pumkin, eventually seized and caught what ever was dripping on it, on fire. Got the fire out and it still made it. While overheating most the way. Before and after fire. Not to long after the trip trans went out. Made it kinda hard to get rid of after it made that trip:cool:
    Plans are 5.3/th400/208. I already got the trans and tcase