Burnt burb resurrection(sold it)

  • Alright heres the start of my 88 grand luxe burb rebuild. I'm a pic whore so there will be alot of them. As you can see its a great base to start with. this will be a DD/towrig. Main plans are (in basic order)

    Repair all fire damage and clean up the engine compartment along the way.

    Remove the fiberglass runners and fix any rust that has started ANYWHERE I can find it. Then get it all coated n protected cause I'm gonna have this one for a long time.

    Once I see how she rides I'll decide what to do for a 4" lift. (52's or springs for front, flip kit or springs for the back??) I want it to ride like a caddy and still be able to tow a 6-7000 pound trailer comfortably.
    May be an air spring system coming:rolleyes:

    33's or metric 34's on 17-18" rims. Maybe rallys with rings, I havent figured that out yet.

    Then eventually paint it. It looks good but I can do a better color/color combo.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/59201372@N07 these are the PO's pics and what I'm starting with.

    new 2.jpg

    new 3.jpg


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