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Chalet's 72 Jimmy Thread


Hey fellas. I've been spending some time reading through this forum lately, have been on CK5 a while but figured I'd start a thread to introduce myself. I've had the Chalet for a while and its a good little truck, but picked this up from NewMexK5 last weekend in to turn into a recreational, semi daily and weekend driver.

Nothing fancy planned for it right now. I've got the Chalet up on stands going through a suspension / drivetrain overhaul, so I'd like to wrap that up before I tackle anything major on the Jimmy. The rate I'm going, it will probably be next summer some time before I get done with that. The good news is, the Chalet won't fit in my shed at the house, so I have to keep it my shop at the office - which doesn't give me a lot of time to work on it. The Jimmy will fit in my shed once I modify a couple of things, so now I'll have me a little man cave and be able to do most of the work at the house.

The truck runs good, and the body is in really good shape. I haven't pulled the carpet, but crawled around under it and beat on it with a hammer, and the floor boards / tub seem to be solid pretty much rust free. The main things I want to concentrate on right now are getting the misc. fluid leaks fixed and a new dash pad and carpet installed in it. Eventually, I'm going to put a roll cage in it and upgrade the safety belts (I've got a wife and 3 daughters). Then probably look at fabricating my own soft top, fixing the rusted out rockers/quarter panel, and getting somebody to do a good paint job on it.

I'm not going to do a whole lot with the drivetrain except maybe a posi in the rear and 2" lift or so. I've already got one truck built for beating on, I'd like to keep this one fairly stock, on the street and in good shape.

I'll edit this thread and update it as I go.


1. Get front end tightened up and alignment. Mount new tires all around.
2. Get the smoking engine fixed.
3. Fix the tranny leaks.
4. Get a roll cage built.
5. Mount the spare tire rack / install an equipment box in the rear where the old tire carrier was bolted to carry tools and such.
6. Fix the radio.
7. New lockouts / brakes / and wheel bearing up front.
8. Fix the rust.
9. Rhino line the interior
10. Get it painted
11. 1" body lift and poly body mounts.
12. Tires should be worn pretty good by now. 4" lift with shackle flip.
13. 35" Tires and possibly some chrome shiny wheels.
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