Chapter 1 of the Chief Brody Jaws Blazer

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  • Well, I finally got the 1974 blazer off the big rig today and gave her a bath and fixed a carburetor gasket leak that sounded like a balloon the size of the Hindenburg as you stretch the balloon and let the air was I fixed that first.

    It was 103 and I had to stop for water breaks so often that it took hours to get that done and I didn't get anything else done today.

    You already know what she is supposed to look like when she is done, bit I will post pictures of what she looks like now.

    Money is tight and my knowledge is limited, so look it over and please offer suggestions of where to start...what would be your first step?







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  1. Killain
    "I love the colors !"
    I don't know where your at, but is doesn't like rust has been a constant companion. I bought my 88 Blazer from Texas, it had been there since new so there has been just about 0% problem in that area. I found some rust in my 2 front fender inner liners, I painted them and had the both installed by my friends body shop. I was lucky as it hadn't gotten to the radiator support. So I dodged the bullet on that one. Truck is a great example of the good years of GM ! Looks fantastic, good luck.