Cwn Anwyn's 84 K5 rebuild

  • I guess I'll document the changes and work done on my Blazer, or Lack of Work done to it if I go by how long I've had this thing!

    I've had this K5 since probably 94 or so. I got it right around when I joined the Army. PCS'd with it up to WA state where I blew up the 305 in it and replaced it with a decent 350. Then it sat for a few years while we lived in Japan. Here is a pic of it right after we got back and I had knocked off most of the moss and cleaned it up some.


    I ended up putting a cheap 4 Wheel Parts Procomp lift kit on it. 4 inch springs in the front and blocks on the rear. Traded for some 36" Ground Hawgs and ran it like that for awhile. Then I discovered CK5!:bow: