Cwn_Anwyn's 87 Dodge Raider DD build

  • So this is what has been keeping me from working on the Blazer like I should be.:doah:

    I picked up an 87 dodge Raider (actually a Mitsubishi Montero sold by Dodge) a few years ago to use as a daily driver cause the Blazer was killing me on gas mileage and it needed a break from DD duties. These are fairly capable little rigs but they have a sucky aftermarket support. No one makes anything for them. Stock it came with 4.625 gears (some had 4.88ish gears as a high altitude option). Mine came with a factory Limited slip in the back. They also have a boxed frame from the factory. Mine had the sluggish stock 2.6L 4 cylinder but you could get them with a V6 3.0 also. Here is what mine looked like stock.

    [​IMG] (I lost some pics so I had to find an image online that was close to my stock Raider)