Deuling's 1985 K5. "Operation Revamp"

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    Picked it up at fall last year or so, just kinda been slowly fixin stuff here and their, and dropped a 408 sbc in it, new shocks, nothing too fancy.


    -Build the tranny
    -Rip apart interior, bedline everything
    -Paint eventually
    -Eventually a bigger rear axle
    -Either 4" and 33's or 6" and 35s

    At the moment im super broke, so little stuff going on for now.

    But befor I start I want everyone to see the inspiration for it..

    My dads 90 Jimmy back in the day when I was a little kid, I LOVED THAT THING!!!



    And the first time I ever drove on the dunes in the 91 Burb

    My dad had an 86 jimmy with the 6.2, then the black jimmy, then bought a 91 burb with the black and silver color scheme. So Ive always had one of these trucks around me, and when he sold the burb, I needed one back.... lol.

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