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Don't call it a build thread... (Do I need spacers, or a lift?)


Kinda just doin this to chronicle the progress/repairs/and upgrades I'm making to my truck. Shoulda started this when I bought the thing, but oh well. Picked it up six months ago. 1990, one ton Silverado Bonus Cab. 454, 60/14, 400/205. Ran ok, bad exhaust leaks, shotttttttttt tires, baaaaaddddd brakes. Interior was beyond shot, generally filthy, carpet stained to ****, headliner tore, hanging and stained; drivers section of the seat tore up, foam tore up and broken springs causing your back to hit the bar in the back, power windows barely went up or down. No tailgate. Radio only kinda worked. One fuel tank leaked. After making the 30 mile trip home the other tank was leaking and I learned it needed a starter. Yay.

I live on an alley with a rather shallow garage, so getting this thing in my garage ain't never gonna happen, too many toys in there anyhow even if it was deep enough! Beached it at my dads for a few weeks until I had some time to make it road worthy, he doesn't have a usable garage, but he does have a large paved driveway.

Had a break in the weather in February, so I took a few days off and spent them with my dad working on the truck. New battery, starter, replaced fuel tanks/brackets/pumps/senders/lines/switching valve; pads/calipers/master cylinder; oil change, shocks. And with that it was on the road.

As money has permitted i've been pecking away at it. Did a tune up. Exhaust manifold gaskets and doughnut gaskets and studs to quiet her down. Installed a radio from a 2000 Silverado and some 6x9's in the cab corners to get some tunes in it. Pulled the plow frame off and added some bumper guards. Scooped used grille and threw that on, fogged the core support black while i had it apart. New power window motors and tinted suburban door glass for the back doors. Pulled out the head liner and all the trim from around the windows (truck had the typical white pillar trim and headliner and blue everything else crew cab interior.) Replaced all the tie rods and threw on a set of custom made 19.5's. Installed trailer wiring. Fixed the dome and cargo lights and replaced them with LED's. Pulled about what seems like a million mouse nests out, it smells much nicer in there now. The truck is a Bonus cab, so it came from the factory with no rear seat, rear seat belts or rear carpet. Was fortunate and picked up a really nice crew cab rear seat last week. So I swapped the brackets and put the shot front seat in the back and the nice new seat in the front. Recovered the headliner last week, and gonna douche all the interior plastics in SEM paint Saturday and working on putting that back together next week. Got the hook up on some bumper brackets and tow hooks from members here, gonna get them on soon along with a nicer bumper than the twisted one that's on there. I also have a rear bumper I need to get on to get rid of that abortion that's on the back. And that's about it for now. Thanks for reading!

Here's some pictures of what she looked like when I got it. I got some interior shots somewhere, I'll get those up as i get the interior cleaned up for some before & after.



And here she is now...


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