Dump-bee the k30

  • So, a few of you probably know I scored a K30 or Technically a 3500 because it's a GMC, back in December to help me out with some general work related to my other hobbies and some snow plowing.

    Well I decided to make this tread to keep track of costs while I fix it up some. The idea is to spend as little that's humanly possible to get this fixed up some. Progress will be slow, like my other threads. But probably even slower. I also want to document the trials and tribulations of building something the cheapest way I can.
    I'll spend money if I have to, but I'll be doing everything I can to keep cost down to keep me rolling on my stepsides.

    Here she is a few days after I bought it. IMG_20161213_162003511_HDR.jpg IMG_20161213_162018208_HDR.jpg

    I am going to exclude consumables to this cost like fluids, tires, paperwork, etc.

    My wife was against this idea, not against the dump Truck idea, but against this dump truck. She thought I should just buy a newer one and not bother with fixing one up.

    I found a HD3500 and looked it.
    This will be my baseline of cost effectiveness.
    This guy has a asking price of 5800.

    Way to rich for my blood for a truck that will only get really used 10-20 times a year. Maybe, maybe more.

    Cost of truck was 1200.

    So the first thing was to get a key lock cylinder. The old key was broke off in the ignition.
    I also needed to get the inside quieted down some. Good greif this thing was loud, exhaust exits just past the cab, no carpet and 4:56 gears. It screams down the road. Plus, it was rough in there.

    I ordered a key cylinder up from Rock auto and I was set.

    Now I need to get something done for the loud interior.
    So I made a visit to beagle's parts pen to see what I had laying around.
    Dang gumit. Just a soccer ball.
    Wait a second didn't I just walk past the GMT400 cab I parted out for the 454 for the 76?
    I did, I bet that can donate some carpet and a steering wheel.
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