Electrathon race car- a different type of build

  • Now, I know that this build may be a little different than the typical ck5 build, but I thought a few of you may enjoy this, or if this is totally off topic and should not be on here, fully understandable and I will not continue.

    To give you guys a little back ground on myself, I am a tech ed teacher at a local public high school and we research, design, fabricate and race fully electric race cars.

    I had this dream since I started teaching to start this program to help the kids learn the ins and outs of fabrication/design/engineering.

    The electrathon race is a race in which local high schools build a small electric powered race car to race against other schools. The students physically drive the car on a real race track. It is a race of efficiency. The goal is to get as many laps as they can in 1 hour. They are allowed to used 2 red top optima car batteries as fuel and once the batteries die they are out of the race. It is quite the challenge and I am learning a TON along side of the students. I do not consider myself a master fabricator, professional welder/etc but I have a huge drive to design/challenge students and learn and this is one of the better ways to do that.

    I am very lucky to have a principal who is a huge advocate of the technology education world, so the grants he writes to fund our racing is truly a blessing.

    We have built some kit cars, long curve for learning how to weld aluminum and continue doing quite well at our races.


    Now, I wont waste any more time typing the rest of this up if you guys feel its too off topic for our forum, but I know the knowledge base we have here is huge and could be very helpful to myself/students. Here are a few quick pictures from what we have done so far.. ill explain more if you guys would like to see!

    We are building a brand new race car for May 2014, all aluminum chassis/body, so this build thread would be documenting our new car build.

    this is our car as a kit at our last race this past October..we updated the wheels and practiced out pit stops, came in 1st place!


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