@secutright myself and @retroblazer had this half cocked idea to pull the old class 3 desert sled out of hibernation and bring her up to snuff for the next racing season.
We are still working out the details on which events were committing to but there is one sure thing.
This baby is gonna fly again!


So starts our joint effort to restore the race truck and get all systems back up and race ready!
First order of business was to pickup the race truck, so we bought a new trailer on Thursday night and drove out from Apple Valley to Gustine!!

Since @secutright is a class A licensed dude it allowed us to get a trailer that would tow pretty much anything we will ever need, which would include the race truck and the Prerunner for those Baja races.

I didn't get any pictures on the way because it was dark and well.. it was dark. But not knowing where we headed the gps had us navigating to possibly the only location in California that has properly named streets.


This was a good omen, and as you can see it took a while to traverse the 350+ miles!

We made it to bed around 1-1:30 am, I'll tell you that @retroblazer (Chris) and I have talked quite a bit on the phone but Scott and him had never met nor spoken. Chris and his wife were very accommodating and had rooms setup for us to stay in, before hitting the hay, we talked about old war stories from way back when, Chris has been around all sorts of racing, I could quite literally listen to these stories all day and not get bored.
So far this trip has been compeletely unexpectedly awesome.


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Awesome build!!! Good luck this season!
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Thanks! Baja 1000 here we come!

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