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Full body crew cab crawler


So I'm new to the forum I'm in the midst of what would be the wildest build I've ever took on a little back ground on myself ive been wheeling since I was 16 started with jeeps and after my latest 4 door rubicon on 37s I decided it was time to get out of the jeeps and try the full size thing my good friend did a 93 sas build and talked me into my first full size which was an 85 k5 ls5.3 powered with a 203/205 doubler 4 speed transmission sitting in a dana 60 14 bolt matched set with 456 gears and air locker front detroit rear on 41 inch pitbulls 52 swap I loved it but I felt kinda limited so I sat down and decided I wanted 1 a crew cab 2 I wanted king coilovers so thats where the build behind but it wasn't just that easy I wanted also to build a frame from scratch basically I wanted a tube buggy with a crew cab look so now we cab start the build


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