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FullSize S10 Bogger/Mud Racer


I guess you could call this a build thread. Mainly going to try to use it to keep track of my progress/notes/bounce ideas around.

I've been using my K5 as a bogger in the local bogs, and while it works great it has some downfalls. It's heavy (for a comp rig) and the manual transmission isn't doing it any favors. The motor that I run for the bogs is all top end, not good for daily use/trails (which is why I swapped it out for the Bundy Hill run).

A couple months back I picked up an 86 K10. I originally bought it from a high school friend, sold it to my cousin then I bought it back. Truck has 60/14, 350/465/205, solid cab and pretty trashed front clip/box. Plan was to use this as a bogger, gut as much weight as I could and go from there. I've been collecting parts for this for awhile but there are still quite a few things to get.

Before I even started with the K10 I got to thinking of way to shed weight, what's lighter than a K10 cab? One half the size, so the hunt was on for a solid S10 to steal the body from. I saw a few for decent prices but they were rustier than I wanted to start with. Eventually a solid cab/clip showed up for $300, picked it up for $200...figured I find some box sides later. Well later came around about a month later when another one popped up for best offer before it hit the scrap yard. $100 got me another really clean cab/clip/box, Only plan to use the box but the fenders are good for it's nice to have spares.

Eventually I will run a BBC, but to get things going I'm going to start with the SBC that I had in the K5. Transmission will be Th350 hooked to a 205. Will keep the 60/14, re-gear to 4.88's or so. I've also got a 10 bolt I could use up front to lose more weight/gain ground clearance.

So far I've gotten the K10 stripped down and the S10 cab mounted. Working on the front end. I've put the BBC in there to give me the "worst case scenario" on clearances. So some of the pictures have the SBC and some have the BBC. Only have a few random pictures as of right now, will take some more once I get back out to the barn.

What I started with. I've got some more pictures of the blue truck in my K5 thread. Put my Boggers on because that is what the truck will be running. Obviously this is mid tear down. Truck cab is real solid. The box has seen better days and the front fenders are getting real bad.

Box/front end off. Can see the S10 front clip and doors off to the side.

Mostly bare frame. Can see the gutted S10 cab in the background. I originally did the K5 gas tank and 64'' springs/shackle flip when I owned it a few years ago. I will be removing the overload springs and running a traction bar to fight wheel hop.

Floor of the new cab. Drivers side needs a little work. But other than that and a small spot on the rockers,it's clean. FWIW: cab is a 95 and had 249,000 miles on it....assuming it wasn't in Michigan all its life.

In progress shot of patchwork.

Covered the holes in the firewall. Red panel is from an old hood (actually they all are) and is removable with a few bolts..nuts are welded to the body on the inside. I did cover the hole for the heater core hoses too.

On there getting an idea of where it needs to go. Cab is just sitting directly on the frame in these pics I think, this was before I decided to stick the BBC in there before making the body mounts too.

Once I put the BBC in I was able to scoot the cab up to where I wanted it. I got it as close to the motor as I dared to. It will have a little more clearance (3/4'' maybe?) than these show. I can get my hand around the distributor cap and the spot by the valve cover will get some BFH love. It's just the pinch weld where the firewall comes together so I can fold it back over.

One thing I really wanted to avoid was having the giant body lift look. I think I did ok getting it low on the frame. I could get it lower/further forward but that would require cutting the floor and firewall, which I don't want to do at this time. The back of the cab is about 3/4" above where the frame kicks up, that is what's preventing me from going lower.

Rear body mount. Some 4x6 box tubing. I only use the hockey puck for mock-up. I've since gotten some poly mounts. Mount is just tacked onto the frame until I had was sure I got it where I wanted it.

Front mount, again some 4x6 box. The height of the mount is different front to back because of how the frame kicks up.

Sort of an idea how it will sit. Front fenders will get cut once I get some of the core support in there. Everything in front of the front spring hangers will get cut off as well. Will probably move the trailer hitch back between the hangers. I already plan on lowering the back, debating on pulling a leaf from the front pack as well. It currently has some 4" lift springs, would like to get it lower...we'll see.

In this one the cab isn't quite centered. It is now though...spent a few hours with tape measure and plumb bobs before I burned the mounts in. This is also before I put the BBC in there.

I think that's the jist of the build so far. Will add some more pics as they happen.

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