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GMC V2500 Lonestar 6.2 diesel -91 DD


Hey fellow detroit iron drivers!
This is my brick,

I have owned it for about 3 years but it is not until now i got some time to spend on it since i have been busy building a garage large enough for it since i'm dead tired of working outside in either biting cold or biting mosquitos large as small birds.

I have owned 4 Suburbans before but i was never satisfied.. i needed to get just the right Suburban.

I killed this one.

and this one..

and this one...

It should be a V2500 -91 6.2 because of the 4L80e and my love for diesels.

I fell for this one because of the Lonestar trim with the pimp "star heaven" , snug chairs, porn red interior and wooden console.

When i bought i it had some broken plastic running boards and the GMC grill but i switched for a Chevy grille and gave away the running boards.

Then i installed a 3,5 kW Webasto from a forklift because of the unpleasant climate in this part of the world.

I threw out the small expensive (in Sweden at least) diesel filter and put a industrial CAV filter instead.

I bought a brand new set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta spike tires to be able to stop this thing on the icy roads we got here.

Then i threw away the original stereo and put in a amplifier for the sound. This killed the original speakers so i put in 4" MTX speakers in the front and a 12" boom box in the back. (yes, the original mounting holes craved a bit of "persuading" to accept the new speakers)

Finally i bought a roof tent to be able to satisfy my camping needs.

This was the fun part... then i took a grip on myself and started to fix the rust... you know that red/brown crusty plauge!
This far i have fixed the rear fenders and are about to fix the dreaded last vertical beam.

My future plans is to build a solid wall between the caro area and the passenger area, put on the "elk catcher" from the killed black Suburban and some rock sliders and a nice box from the 4th kill (a 2wd i did not even take a photo of before i killed).
I will also fix some rust of course.

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