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Heavy's HK5


Ladies and gents, Ive been a 3+ year reader and have slowly started participating more and more lately so I decided to start a build thread, at least to catalog what I do to her.

I feel like Ive done the standard mods to it over the last 5 years and still trying to improve looks and function.

Let get into it.

Where I started: Purchased in 2009 (second K5 I have owned) from a co-worker. 1987 K5, TBI 350 (stock), 700r4 tranny, and 10 bolts front and rear. Previous owner put on a RC 6" lift w/ standard blocks in the rear, 3" body lift and some 38.5 TSL Super Swampers.

I decided I didn't care for the 38.5x15x15 look so I dropped down the 37x12.5x17s and some Blazin Offroad Bumpers. Plus a move from TN to NC.

Learning a lot as I went, I still wasn't happy...10 bolts, blocks in the rear, body lift, etc. Sourced a 14ff and some 56" springs and did the shackle flip and got rid of the block and the body lift and while I was there, decided to throw on some Duplicolor bedliner on the outside. And a soft top from the Mrs. for my B-day.


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