• We have outgrown the first trailer (not enough room for 2 adults, 2 kids, and dog, even for short trips) so a new build is in the works! Everything worked well on the first trailer with the exception of the heavy 4 person tent on the narrow track trailer – too tippy!

    New build (IBv2):
    M101A3 (I need to record the date, forgot it). Very clean and included stakes, sides, and cover (I will be selling that stuff and the HMMWV tires/wheels to help fund the build).

    Goals :
    New tongue / receiver hitch for Lock and Roll. K5 hitch and trailer frame height nearly identical.

    Moving RTT from IBv1 to IBv2 (Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized, 4 person, annex)

    Tires/wheels – identical to tow vehicle.
    37" Nitto Trail Grappler - balance well seem to do ok on and off road.
    17" Trail Gear beadlocks - these wheels are one of my favorite components on the truck, super heavy duty, no leaks, and look great!

    Corner-steadys or jacks to level. Anyone know what happened to BAL? I built the first trailer with long BAL jacks (30+?) and would use those again….

    Lid – hinged front and rear, custom build.

    Water tank – at least 20 gallon
    Water pump

    LED trailer lights

    Truck box with battery and control station

    Solar charging system – I do not have a handle on this yet, will be researching soon
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