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IH scout 800


Been wheeling and working on a truggy for the past few years and my wheeling style has progressed from easy driving to full throttle assaults on rocky hill climbs. Not the best for a 10 bolt front that's welded with 36's. So Im to the point of buying a 60. Now Im kind of a cheap @$$ and since 60s are expensive Ive put it off. The truggy is also in need of new tires and wheels and Im not really in the mood to throw $2k plus at a pile of junk that Ive only been able to wheel a couple times a year. I also realized the other day that I had way more fun wheeling a stock rig with 33s so Im parting ways with the truggy project and building a cheap, mostly stock scout to run the trails on.

And hello to this fantastic pile of crap:


This is the first of 4 that Ill be getting. Traded my brother in law, he pretty much gave them to me. This is the gonna be the wheeling scout. Of the others, one was suppose to be my wife's first vehicle that was never actually given to her (long story). The body has completely rotted off but there is another one that has a perfect body but no drivetrain. Gonna put those together and make one nice one for her. And the last one will be used for parts.

Ive always loved scouts but this is the first time Ive owned any. This one is a 69 scout 800 with a 304 and 3 speed tranny. Got it home on Friday and got it to run yesterday. Plans are pretty simple. Spring over on scout II dana 44s, heavy duty shackles, 33s or 35s whichever I can find a good deal on and wheel the crap out of it. Several parts from my truggy will be used to try and keep this build as cheap as possible. And I have a line on some scoutII axles with factory rear posi for $100.

Eventually I plan on upgrading springs and possibly swapping in a 350 and a rear locker and front posi. Might even add power steering:D. Who knows, in a few years I may end up with a scout truggy but for now I want a simple cheap trail rig that I can take out regularly. Progress will be kinda slow at first but Ill try and keep it updated for those of you that like scouts.

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