Introducing the mid west to east coast hauler

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    Ok so the plan. As some of you know, me and a friend have made a couple of trips from here(Colorado springs) to the easy coast with some rust free parts. We've decided to keep going with it as long as there's a demand and money to be made. We've made these runs with whatever we had that ran. A 99 7.3 stroker van, 95 k3500 6.5TD. And a trip this coming oct 2nd with a friends dmax. We came across this truck when removing one of the 12 truck bed we'll be hauling back this trip. As stated above 76 CCLB C30, 454, th400 with a US GEAR overdrive. Truck is in surprisingly good condition. Very complete, and appears to have been well maintained. Interior is virtually flawless with the exception of a couple small cracks on the dash pad. Exterior has a couple small rust spots on the fenders and bed. Must have been sitting for a little while as the dual batteries were dead. With a jump and a splash of gas down the qjet, it was a purring away. Aside from the stale gas, it actually drove pretty good! Small gas leak at the fuel tank switching valve. 90% 10 ply Michelin tires in excellent shape.

    So the plan.....
    Fix minor issues (gas leak, new front fenders..)
    flat bed body
    Dual rear wheels
    Airbag rear springs
    Goose neck hitch
    Tool box and transfer tank
    6.5TD mechanical injection
    Possible 4l80E w over drive unit.
    Two tone Gm burnt orange / pearl white paint
    Newer Gm bucket seats
    Sound system
    Lots of sound deadening!