iwaxmyjimmy's build thread

  • Well since I got laid off I have found the time to work on the K5 again. Main problems are cracked radiator tank, blown heater core, torque converter went out, and the rear gov-bomb id its thing. I just popped open the diff cover and was like d@mn. The driveside side gear (that so doesn't look like correct grammer) is completely chewed up and both the gears on the crosspin have small chunks missing. But it kinda buttonhooked me. I've thought about buying a 4 spd parts truck preferably 4wd 3/4 ton so I can get a decent drivetrain, but I've got and open carrier I could swap in and while am at it I've got some used 4.10s I got for free that it would only cost me a inner pinion bearing, crush sleeve, ring gear bolts and pinion seal to regear.