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Jennifer's "Orange Crush"


This is gonna be a slow build, and very mild since its going to be for my wife, so don't expect daily updates or LS swaps in here.

So, for anyone that didn't see it in the complete vehicles for sale section, I picked up a bone stock 73 from a coworker of big pappa b. Wife has never had a truck before, let alone a K5 and she loved the truck when we went to go look at it. Here is the pic slideshow from big pappa b's sale thread: K5

Now, I do a lot more driving throughout the day than Jen does, but she drives more miles per day than I do so for now she is driving my car to start work, and I'm driving the K5. I'm blind as a bat at night thanks to an IED, so the mods start with addressing the lighting.....


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