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Jimmy 89

Getting a Jimmy that's been sitting ready to daily drive again


I'm working on getting my 1989 Jimmy going again after a long period of hardly being used. I'm not looking to do anything crazy with it, I just want it to be a fun, reliable way to get around for years to come. I don't have much experience working on cars, but looking to learn as I go and do what I can on my own.

Background: My dad bought it new back in 89 and daily drove it until ~97. It was used as a third car until I got my license in 2007, then it was my first car. I had a blast driving it in high school, but it wasn't without issues. The biggest things are that the engine died. We put a crate engine in (I think a Jasper rebuild?) and then a few months later the transmission went. After just replacing the engine, we couldn't justify the expense of also replacing the transmission. We couldn't get rid of it though, so it just sat.

Fast forward 3 years, my dad decides to throw in a transmission and get it running again. Not sure if he got the transmission rebuilt or a new one, its been awhile and I wasn't involved in figuring that out. But afterwards he hardly drives it and it sits most of the time, occasionally being fixed up enough to run again and then sitting again.

Recently, my dad got it running again out of the blue and gave it to me. So, now that I have full control over what's done to it, this thread is me going from having it "running" to "running well" and fixing issues that have been the consequence of years of neglect.

Long story short: its been sitting most of the last 10 years, but had a crate engine and new or newly rebuilt transmission put in right before it started sitting.



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