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Jimmy rebuild thread

  • I never had a build thread. Built it before I knew of CK5. Thank goodness. If not, it would be on leafs and one tons.:whistle:

    So I will post when I rebuild stuff. As if anyone cares.

    Broke the truck at King of the Hammers. 200 feet from where I broke it the year before.:doah: Hooked a rock with the right front tire, at 2mph. Stripped the splines out of the pitman arm this year. Hit a rock at 2mph last year, going the other way. Broke the ears off of the stearing box. Drove it back to camp both times.

    So a fix is needed. I made 2 new pitman arms. They are custom for my cantilever cross over stearing. Now I have a spare. I should mention I stripped one out last summer.

    I won a TNA winch cradle at BB last year, so it is time to install. I think I am going to try and use it as part of the mounting system for the hydro assist ram. Yes it is going up high.

    I should mention I bought the system after I stripped the pitman are last summer. Just got lazy and never installed it.

    As of this afternoon, I remover the stock bumper. Will hate to see it go. Liked having it somewhat stock looking. And removed the hidden hitch.