Jolly Green

  • I couldn't pass up the M1008 @Capt Ron had for sale. This will be a pretty vanilla build for right now and mainly want to document it from arrival (6-24-2020) to wherever it ends up. I have enough extra parts laying around to ad a small lift and 33" tires. 2.5" springs and flip kit, Bilstein shocks etc. All routine maintenance is the first order of business and learning what I can about the 6.2 diesel. When and if it happens, I would like a 12v Cummins or possibly a Gen 5 / 8 speed swap. we will see how it goes!

    On a side note: I ended up using Patriot Transport LLC for shipping. They were reasonably priced and it will be a 1 day ship from CO to NV. I will edit with how the shipping experience goes when completed, satisfied or not.
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