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Once upon a time a young man in grad school decided to buy a K5 Blazer and being in the mid 1990s, he was able to buy a 1972 GMC Jimmy in reasonably good shape for about $4000 or so. He started driving it around town, and occasional off-road trips and even on the very first date with the young lady who became his wife! (I still think the 72 Jimmy was what sealed the deal though she continues to tell everyone it was ugly...)

A few years go by and during a fateful wheeling trip where there was about an inch or two of clearance or less between two very solid trees, the decision was made that it was too nice to mess up so it was restored, sold and missed dearly!!

Since that time, Jeeps, Toyotas, ATVs were all purchased, driven and sold until we come to the present day where our intrepid adventurer decides that it is time for another K5!!!

Assuming nothing blows up in the next few weeks, the deposit has been made on a 1990 K5, 172k on the clock and not much else is known except it needs some body work!!

All the story telling silliness aside, the price is cheap enough that if the truck simply starts, runs (as claimed by seller / ad) we are good enough, I can fix the body stuff.

I am hoping that by sharing the pictures here early on, I can get some feedback on parts and pieces to pre-order and help me with my journey!!

My current goal is to run 35s with 2.5" of lift (or less), maybe even enough room to fit 37s AND still fit in my normal garage door!! I will measure that, but assuming a standard 7' door, I want to make sure I can drive in and out easily so I can leave the top and doors off for the summer and park inside at night.

Based on the sellers comments of "needs body work" I think we can safely assume that the rockers are junk and I can sorta see what appears to be a hole under drivers door. The fenders over wheel wells also look distorted in the pictures so I am assuming that needs work too!

The K5 is up in Winchester VA, so 6 hours from me, won't have it in my hands until mid May or so. So I am working from the pictures of a technically challenged seller! (Anyone local want to put eyes / pics on it for me?)

Here is where we are starting! If you see something, say something, tell me what you are seeing in these pictures of interest, example I see cigerette butts so I am assuming LOTS of cleaning or maybe new carpet / seats to get rid of that smell, sigh.

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