linked one ton escalade (bought another Jeep JK)

  • Edit: I’ve tried replacing pictures since photobucket stopped working, but some of them might not be the same as the original.

    Hope this is ok to post here, i like this forum a lot more than pirate. If you don't know my previous k5 its the one with the ugly front end that had a 4bt.


    still planning on sticking a 5.3 in it sometime this winter(i already have a donor pickup..or 4), but for now it sits outside with no drivetrain.

    So that brings us to the escalade, i bought a 2006 escalade on copart cheap with the intentions of parting it out and keeping the lq9 for a project later, well my dad jokingly said why not just stick the blazer axles under it, and that got me thinking. I didn't want to use the blazer axles but one tons would make it fun.

    so thats the plan now
    3 linked High pinion dana 60 front with an artec truss
    4 linked dana 70S rear with a homemade truss
    241/205 doubler- maybe
    2.5 x 16 king coilovers
    1.25 heims
    rock sliders and exocage
    41.5 pitbull rockers

    obviously buying it on copart it had damage, the door will be easy to replace and ive already started removing the quarter and looking for a new one...even though its eventually gonna get bashed into rocks (or trees if i follow Greg again). other than that the interior is perfect and the rest of the body is completely perfect. for now.

    thats how it looked when i got it in the shop.
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