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Matt's M1009 Military Blazer re-power.

M1009 gets a new powerplant.


This morning at just over 102,000 miles, the 6.2 in my m1009 broke it's crankshaft.
I was cruising on level ground at 65 mph with the rpm somewhere around 2,800.
There was a sudden change in engine pitch.
It became louder.
I pulled over in the middle of the Big Horn lake causeway and took a look.
Still idling fine at this point.
So I crept to the end of the causeway and just as I approached the train crossing, the engine seized for good.
The fluidamper harmonic balancer was cocked at a noticeable angle.
Not a drop of oil leaked out.
Just sheared the snout of the crankshaft between cylinder #1 and the timing sprocket.

I loved that 6.2.

Called a tow truck and it was $170 to get it towed to a friends equipment yard.
I live and work in the national forest and even if I had a concrete pad, it would be illegal to do this scale of work up here in the forest.

So I have been given permission to use some shop space at Mechanical Masters in Lovell, after hours and I will be doing the work with my own tools except their cherry picker.

I have had a chance to calm down and think about things.

Some of you have already made offers of replacement motors and even trucks!
Thank you all very much!

My options for this build:

Get another 6.2
Swap my injector pump, hamonic balancer.
Swap it in.
Approx $1,000 plus freight or travel?

Option #2
Get a turnkey crate motor like a 325 hp 350 cu in carbureted, replace my torque converter, trans governor, empty the fuel tank, buy headers and have new exhaust made by Auto Plumbers in Powell.
Power steering pump bracketry from wreck or make?
Throttle cable?
It is a TH400 trans so vaccum modulator with an electric kickdown switch on the gas pedal.
Wiring is a snap.
Radiator? Unknown if 6.2 rad will work.
Approx $3,500 for the turn key crate motor.
$350 for headers.
$400 for exhaust.
$200 torque converter.
Radiator unknown.
Bracketry for hydro boost/ps pump?
Let's say just under $5,000.

Option #3
Something more exotic like an LS 5.3?
Big Block 454.
TBI 350 or 454.
Cummins 12 valve.

All of those are going to cost more than option 1 or 2.

Option #4
There is another option.
It is really hard for me to write it out.
But, I could sell the rig the way it is.
Parting is not an option because I won't tread on the good graces of the shop that kindly let me park it in their yard under the auspice of repairing it.
But I could sell it whole.
With the lift, tires, wheels, rust free body and frame.. i don't know what i'd get.
A crazy guess would be between $2,000 and $3,500.

So those are my options as I see it.
I am not sure how to feel about it but option number 2 appeals to me due to price and ease, and performance.

Option number 1 is by far the cheapest.
But the feeling of having that crankshaft let go so suddenly.. i don't know if I will ever trust another 6.2.

Which brings us to 6.5 optimizer blocks.
That is a possibility, but the injector pumps are different i believe.
And is a 6.5 crank any better than a 6.2?

I think if I did put a 6.2 back in the truck, i would promptly sell it.
I live in the middle of nowhere and use the truck to take me well beyond nowhere.
If that 6.2 busted the crank back some of these places in Wyoming, i'd have a LONG walk.
If it happened in winter, i could have died.

So, if it has #$@! Or wheels, you'll have problems with it.

Feel free to post ideas.
I really did not mean to clog up PAD thread like that today.
My buddy (m1009) had a heart attack and died.
I was upset.
Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions.
I will keep you posted as I decide what I will do with my Marine K5 M1009.

One thing for sure.
I will always smile remembering the sweet burble of a 6.2 idling through the rocks on a warm summer day.


Trim Level
3 months
Rust free
Factory Options
Military rifle rack
6.2 j code diesel with broken crank at 102,000 original miles
Transfer Case
Hydroboost with ORD brace
ORD shackle flip rear 4" with 3" front lift springs.
12 bolt rear with Powertrax nospin locker.
Dana 44 front with Spartan locker.
3:73 ratio
Yukon gear rear axle shafts.
New seals, hubs, bearings throughout.
15x8 Kelsey Hayes Military steel
33x10.5x15 BFG AT KO2
Factory CARC with Military CARC Camo
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