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MetalNeverDies 87 K5 *transfercase help!*


Will be picking up my 1987 k5 from Arizona in march 2012.

As of now I am starting planning out my budget build. The truck is an AZ native so there is no rust on it. However, I will be bringing it to OK. I've read about getting the underside coated with oil. Definately the fist investment I want to purchase. Any idea on the costs for doing this?

Next plan is a lift. I want to go the cheapest route possible with out sacraficing reliability. I will not be doing any major towing so I am thinking stock springs and a shackle flip then the spring swap on the front.

I am going to have to stick with the stock 10 bolts for a while, as I am on a broke college kids budget. How big of tires will I be able to run with out stressing the 10 bolts too badly? I have checked the fit sheet as far as clearance but after reading all the 10 bolt bashing I am worried.

After I get the truck home I also want to do compression or leakdown test on the motor, just to see where it is at life wise. Any other vital tests suggested?

What are the trail/crawling limits of the blazer in stock form?

Anything else I should watch out for when planning my build?

Appriciate all the help and advice will definately get a membership, post pics, and keep everyone updated when I pick it up.

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