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Military Crew Cab Build... Junk.


So I bought this truck out of a surplus auction thinking it was a CUCV. When I got there to pick it up it was a little different than expected.

Its, I'm assuming, a 1984 ex air force truck. Ordered with a 6.2/sm456/205. At some point it got an 80's 454 and some volunteer fire department hackery.

Plans are to get it a solid color, put a cam, carb, intake, and headers on it, maybe lock the rear and have a fun around town beater to tinker with. Maybe load 5 buddies up and go horse around in. I've never painted, but I'll hopefully do more than just a primer. Cab is solid but a little rough. Lots of holes in the roof from light bars. Bed has some rust but was free.

I put it up for sale for a few days and started tinkering with it. It ran with a splash of gas and seemed to run well. With a little more work I had it moving and stopping, so I pulled the ads and decided to keep it.

I pulled a set of 4" springs from a k5 in the yard and swapped them in. A friend sold me what we thought were 6" springs. Pretty sure they're 8" springs. Got them installed. Waiting on U bolts.



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Just noticed the pictures from the first post are not showing up, I'll work on it later. So I've never done a build thread, and the fact that I am dismembering my K5 to build this truck might not be incredibly popular on here, but I figure some people would appreciate the build, and I would appreciate any information or opinions others would have along the way. This isnt going to be a big street truck. This is going to replace the K5 as a beater. With good AC and heat. And a radio I can...

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