Mountain Truck Build

  • After moving from the south to Montana i have been in search of a truck that suits my very specific needs. It hadn't happened. So I decided to build what I need. We have a very unique situation where we live. My driveway is two miles of road that the local offload club uses for their mall crawler trail rides. I brought a very well built CUCV with me here and sold it after a fee months. It was essentially worthless. Here's what I've learned since buying my maintain.

    Lockers will get you killed on ice and snow.
    Big tires are great to look at. Wide tires are like snow plows.
    Tall and skinny cut right through and keep you going. They also keep traction.
    Winches go on the back not the front.
    Good tire chains are essential.

    I chose a 82 k1500 GMC for this build. Truck is in decent shape with a 6.2 diesel np833 overdrive 4 speed and np241. 10 bolt/12 bolt axles. Flatbed.

    We starts out giving the truck a once over. Fluids brakes and whatnot. Then we swapped out the 15s for a set of 16 Toyota Tacoma wheels and 285 tires. Here that is about the largest, widest tire you want to run.

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