My best friends girl...

  • This truck has been a part of my life for about 17 years + now since I first became a member here, Finally started a build thread on it,.....
    First off 79 K5 Cheyenne. A pretty good friend in high school and I had blazers, mine was an 85, this was his. Acquired about 2002....right after high school he had, well say, some hard times and sold it to me. Had it for a while Ended up having to sell it in 2004 (new baby, needed down payment for reliable truck)...local guy bought it, did some things here and there and always made me sad to see it driving around town. Tried to buy it back and he wanted double what I sold it to him for.
    Well I went through divorce cpl
    Years later and was forced to sell my 85 to pay bills.......So fast forward to 2016 saw it for sale on lot off the highway,....he was moving to Florida and couldn’t take it with him. Score!!! Gave me a good deal and I got her back!!
    I’ll never let her go again!!!

    Started life as a 350/TH350/203 12b/D44

    the following all done during high school 2002-2003. installed skyjacker 6” lift. 35” tires
    Blew the original 350. Installed a crate 305 we had in a camaro.
    Converted from auto to manual SM465/205 from a friends donor truck.

    since getting her back,....
    Hydro clutch conversion and swapped pedals after having to replace clutch.
    been slowly acquiring parts to redo suspension and axle swap last couple years. Which is where I’m at now!
  • Year:
    K5 Blazer
    Trim Level:
    Transfer Case:
    12bolt/D44 3.42s
    35” Big O XTs