My new ride-2003 2500HD, LB7, ZF-6

  • Here she is, my "new to me" tow rig/current DD. It's a 2003 Chevrolet 2500HD. It has the LB7 Duramax and ZF-6 6 speed MANUAL trans. It's an LS with cloth seats, rubber floor mat, no cruise control, and manual shift tcase. The only thing I didn't get on my wish list was a long bed but I figured the 6 speed was worth it. It has bald 265/70r17 tires. A PO swapped in a leather back seat. Oh and only 175,000 miles. This will be a slow build. Mainly just posting to document as I do stuff to it. Long term plans are: get front bumper redone in black bed liner and also rocker panels and bed, EFI live tuning some day, stacks, and a toolbox. Oh and a solid axle swap if the ifs gives me too much trouble. KIMG0589.jpg KIMG0590.jpg KIMG0591.jpg KIMG0592.jpg KIMG0593.jpg KIMG0594.jpg KIMG0595.jpg Just for you @bent72 look! Two shifters. KIMG0596.jpg KIMG0597.jpg Its got a spectre cold air intake with a k&n filter. I think a 4" exhaust with the muffler deleted. There's also a PPE boost dohicky in the waste gate hose.