New tow rig build thread. It has been a while.

  • Went to Portland on 11/11/11. Left at 1pm. Ran out of fuel at the truck stop 1 mile from the dealer. Got it fueled and restarted. Running lights started flickering off, then quit. A short was loading the breaker. Chased it somewhere in the head rack. Cut that feed.

    Rain started. Go figure. Wipers looked good. Were rock hard and began falling apart after 30 minutes. New were installed. 5 hours into the trip we finally found the heater line valve. Heat started working.

    For a full story on the trip. Go here.

    So I bought with an exo-cage. Kind of.

    The rear upper rack will be rebuilt to lower the back all of the way down and go up high enough to get the Jimmy under it.

    The 5th wheel will come off. New permanent ramps will be built to the back of the stinger with storage boxes under them. Then fold down ramps to the ground. A new 5th wheel hitch for the RV will be built on the stinger. It will fold forward with hydraulics to be out of the way to get the cars on.