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OFFICIAL* Dante's Peak Suburban Build *


Well I thought I should start the OFFICIAL thread. It seems like an easy enough build for some one to do. So lets examine the facts.

Equipment needed:
1987 Chevrolet V10 Suburban
Con-ferr roof rack
Carr light bar
Warn Trans4mer brush guard
Safari snorkel for an FJ80
Valley or Hickey Rear tire carrier
Lights, lots of lights!

So lets start with the Suburban.
It is a 1987 from the door sticker and the verify sheet from the sell using the vin 1gkev16k6hf that it is a 1987 Chevrolet V10 with a 350 TBI. We know it is an automatic transmission from the movie and Cinema Vehicle Services pictures. In these pictures we can also tell it has a rear AC unit. It also has the end gate. It has auto hubs on it. It has the light blue cloth interior with front bucket seats and no third row seating. It's RED!


1988 Chevrolet V10 Suburban 350 TBI
4 speed manual transmission
No rear AC
Has the end gate
Has auto hubs on it :doah:
Cloth interior in tan with front bucket seats no third row seating.
It's Brown and Tan.

So now we have some question on the obvious.
Your colors do not match.
Not yet but I do see red paint in the future. I'm talking to a person to do some work for them in exchange for painting it red.

The Roof Rack:
In the movie they used a Con-ferr Porthole roof rack.

Con-ferr is no longer in business so one would need to find a used one.

This style is the Defender sold by Off Road Unlimited of Burbank California

Front Brush guard and winch center:
We see a Warn Trans4mer brush guard all dressed up and a little customizing.

The Light rack:
It appears to be an old style Carr light rack


Easy enough to come by on Ebay or JC Whitney

The Snorkel:
The movie truck used an ARB Safari Snorkel (Hoky Smokes they are crazy high):eek1:

ARB 4x4 Accessories joins us as a contributor in this build by providing us with a reduction on the cost of the snorkel. Please read farther down.

The Tire carrier:
Here is the one in the movie and as best I can tell it is a stock S-10 Hickey tire carrier. This is on the list of locating one and acquire it.


And the last thing I will need to get is a hitch set up to bad the Blazers wont work.

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