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Old Iron 2.0


*** K5 is long gone, current project starts on Page 25 of this thread. ***

Current Specs:

• '79 K5 Custom Deluxe
• Oil burning 1 piece RMS 350 SBC, Casting #: GM5.7LG, ID #: V0219PJC (’88 Truck 350 SBC, 195 H.P.)
• Edelbrock intake/Edelbrock 1406 Carb
• Good, working SM465/NP205 combo
• 10/12 Bolt
• 35x12.5x15 Cooper STT's (measure out to 33.5” tall) on mismatched black daytona wheels
• 4" or 6” lift springs w/ 4" blocks in the rear (MFG. Unknown)
• Tranny/T-Case cross member has been lowered roughly 2”-3” with blue poly bushings
• 10 bolt has been shimmed to correct the pinion angle.

So this is my 5th K5 and 6th Squarebody that I’ve owned within the last 3.5 years. I’ve gotten rid of some, sold some, traded some and I always default back to a K5, I can’t get enough of them so I’ve decided to keep this one.

I traded a nicely Patina’d ’79 K5 that I ended up doing a lot of work to (Old Iron Build on here) for a ’76 Jeep CJ-7 that I later found out was in horrible condition, rusted out, close to ½” of body filler covering most of the body etc. I traded the CJ for a ’78 K5 Custom Deluxe with a 383 Stroker, TH350/NP203. The ’78 leaked like a sieve from everything that could hold fluid. Then I traded the ’78 K5 for the current ’79 K5.

Funny story on the current truck, the kid that owned it at the time was driving to my house to drop it off and “lost steering” about 500’ from my house, he smoked one of my neighbors mailboxes and ended up in a pretty steep ditch, blew out the DS front tire, sheared the center bolt on the DS front leaf pack, blew the banjo bolt out on the DS front caliper… the headlight bezel on the DS was hanging off, rear spring eyes on both front springs bashed the frame above them a little bit, the DS axle shock mount got mangled to hell and the DS front shock was pretty much destroyed.

I loaded up my floor jack, a spare tire, some sockets and a tow strap and went and pulled him out and got him back to my house.

I fixed everything the following day and it didn’t cost too much to get everything back in good shape. The high pressure line from the P-Pump pissed fluid from between the hard line portion and the fitting at the P-Pump end, got a new line from O’Reilly’s, bled the steering system and everything was good there.

The truck has some rust in the inner wheel wells, rockers, cab floor. The sheet metal around the door striker on the DS isn't looking too hot but it’s hanging in there. The rust isn’t bad by any means and will get repaired at some point but it’s not priority right now.

Link to Old Iron 1.0 (incomplete and traded).


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Just a fun truck. Daily it for the most part and hit the trails on the weekends.
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Just gonna be a simple 3/4 ton truck.
Here it goes! :woot: '79 K5 Cheyenne 400 SBC/TH350/NP203 It is unmolested and all original. It still has all of the jack accessories clamped down on the passenger inner fender, original owners manual and original warranty card. I believe that the spare tire in the back is the original spare from the factory too. It still has all of the emblems on both sides, factory wheels with dog dishes and all electronics, lights and tailgate glass work. It has a nice patina going for it, rusty rockers...

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