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Old Iron Build ('79 K5 Cheyenne)


Here it goes! :woot:

'79 K5 Cheyenne
400 SBC/TH350/NP203

It is unmolested and all original. It still has all of the jack accessories clamped down on the passenger inner fender, original owners manual and original warranty card. I believe that the spare tire in the back is the original spare from the factory too. It still has all of the emblems on both sides, factory wheels with dog dishes and all electronics, lights and tailgate glass work.

It has a nice patina going for it, rusty rockers and some of the support in that area which will get cut out and replaced with new metal.

A fuel line was touching one of the manifolds and caused a very small fire, no damage to anything besides the hood, it will have to be replaced. I should be able to clean the engine off, install new spark plugs, spark plug wires and a new distributor and we'll be good to go.

So the end state of this truck is to have an extra flexy family offroad vehicle for trails, wheeling, camping and hopefully showing people up on the RTI ramp.

Things that I have which will be installed over the next few months.

CUCV Dana 60/14BFF both 4.56 w/ Detroit in 14BFF
52" or 56" springs up front (I'll give both a try since I already have them).
64" springs out back (will pull from the junkyard within the next week or so).
ORD steering box brace

DIY4X Parts:
B52 Brackets
Shackle Hanger Frame Mount
6" & 7.25" Shackles
14BFF Diff Cover
14BFF Spring Plates
Dana 60 Spring Plates
14 BFF Spring Perches
14BFF Guardsman
14BFF Disc Brake Brackets
Motor Mounts
Orbitrol Valve Mount (I may go full hydro).

I need to buy a shackle flip and shackles from DIY4X. I have an ORD flip on my K10 SWB but would like to use Kert's on the K5.

I will be going hydro clutch on the 4 speed and I still need new poly bushings, U-Bolts, 1410 yokes, U-Joints and other odds and ends. I plan on running 37's, maybe 39.5's depending on how much money is freed up when the time comes. I'm also going to pick up one of the ORD steering box frame repair kits too and burn it on there just for the hell of it.

I don't know if this will be a slow or fast build so bear with me and I'll post plenty of pics.

All of my DIY4X parts will get sandblasted this upcoming weekend. The chick who does the blasting is charging me $50 which seems fair to me. Then I'll paint them with self etch primer and some gloss black enamel. Remove the rivets and bolt it all together.

All work will be done by myself and my brother. We'll probably take the tranny into the local shop since he's an old school tranny builder and does great work.















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Just a fun truck. Daily it for the most part and hit the trails on the weekends.
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Just gonna be a simple 3/4 ton truck.
*** K5 is long gone, current project starts on Page 25 of this thread. *** Current Specs: • '79 K5 Custom Deluxe • Oil burning 1 piece RMS 350 SBC, Casting #: GM5.7LG, ID #: V0219PJC (’88 Truck 350 SBC, 195 H.P.) • Edelbrock intake/Edelbrock 1406 Carb • Good, working SM465/NP205 combo • 10/12 Bolt • 35x12.5x15 Cooper STT's (measure out to 33.5” tall) on mismatched black daytona wheels • 4" or 6” lift springs w/ 4" blocks in the rear (MFG. Unknown) • Tranny/T-Case cross member has been...

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