Ole' Blue (84 K10) My First Car

  • So...I figured it was about time I post something about my other project.

    1984 K10. Purchased October 10th, 2002 for $2,000. I was 14 and this was my first car. Saved up for this since elementary school.

    When purchased:
    350 Checker Auto smog crate engine
    10 bolt front, 12 bolt rear (6 lug) 3.73
    Mostly stock, nearly 200k miles. Bent frame (wrecked twice, I know all the previous owners).

    ZZ4 Crate Engine
    14 bSF rear, 10 bolt 8-lug front, 4.11
    Whole new interior
    Steering box brace
    Power Suburban doors
    Roll Bar w/lights
    Push Bumper w/lights
    New grill
    315/75r16 Generals
    Basically, new or rebuilt everything but the transmission and transfer case.

    3rd Gen SBC
    14bff/D60 4.56. Detroit rear, ARB air front.
    ORD coil over kit front and rear
    37" tires

    This picture was the day I bought the truck.