Piecing together a full vert!

  • Well I figured I got to a point where I should start posting a build thread. I always wanted a 1973-1975 k5 but being from Rusty MN/WI it was hard to find one that wasn't swiss cheese or worth your first born. I was searching/going to see blazers for years until I came across an ad for a rust free 1974 tub with stock a/c from Arizona. The price wasn't bad so I called up the guy right away. Then the parts gathering began. Picked up a truck tailgate, rust free front clip and the hard one a frame & drive train. The Frame & drive train had all new brakes and a front of the body that had all the steering, hvack, brakes, linkages, and wiring. This is nice because I can move the good stuff to my clean tub.

    Here is the start of the pictures and work